30 Days 30 Art Journal Pages | Week 1

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Click photo to download

It's mid-June and I'm actually still doing the 30-day art journal challenge if you can believe that!  I'm not caught up as I'd like to be (as you can see I'm missing day 6) but I'm still going.


I wanted to give you an update on how the challenge is going and put this past week's videos in one place.  Plus, I wanted to share 3 things I learned from art journaling everyday.

1.  I don't have to create a finished master piece everyday.

▻ We put so much pressure on ourselves to create something amazing every time we pick up a brush.  I've decided to take the experimental approach and focus on trying new things and have fun in the meantime.

2.  I don't have to have it figured out before I start.

▻ The daily prompts give me a push in the right direction but after that - I figure it out as I go along.  I hope you are able to see me trying things that don't work out!  And it's fine - that's why we have white paint and collage papers.  Cover it up and try again.

3.  I have more time than I thought.

▻ I'm the type that worries more about doing something than actually doing it.  Do you get that way?  When you get into the physical act of practicing you quickly find out that you can squeeze in a few minutes here and there to do what you love.

I hope these tips and short experimental videos inspire you to create more.  Please use the #30artjournalpages and share in the FB group so we can support one another.  Subscribe to my Youtube channel for daily uploads.  Join me on Patreon for monthly real-time art journal lessons.

See you next week!

Blessings ★ Danielle