How to Draw a Profile Portrait

Over the next 4 weeks, I will share my tips for how to draw faces in profile.  Drawing faces in profile can be really tricky so I've come up with a few mini-tutorials to help you break down each feature so you're not stuck drawing faces in front view all the time.


Here's how it will go:

  • Week 1: Noses (August 13th)
  • Week 2: Lips (August 20th)
  • Week 3: Eyes/Placement (August 27th)
  • Week 4: Drawing the Face (Sept 3rd)

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Comment below if you want be able to draw a profile portriat from your imagination!

July Freebie Sketchbook Lesson | Different & Beautiful

Our July drawing lesson is now available.  If you are on my mailing list please check your email for the link.  If you are not signed up you can join here...

The theme for this month is Different & Beautiful.  We will be exploring how to diversify our faces and make them more unique.

Different & Beautiful


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Blessings β™₯︎ Danielle