🌟 I'm Teaching in Wanderlust 2019!

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Please join me and 25 other teachers for Wanderlust!  A full year online classes created just for you! 

Wanderlust 2019 is an online mixed-media and art journaling class.  We are in the fourth year of creativity and offers weekly, full length classes which are both high quality and original, aimed at beginners right through to the more experienced.

My class is called "THE GOLDEN FOREST." We will explore beautiful layers of mixed media goodness with touches of metallics.  I will take you step by step through the process of creating a traveller and the world around her.

The class starts on the 4th of January, but if you sign up right now you can get a 30% discount off the normal price of $150 USD (after the discount it’s $105 USD -approx. £81BGP, 90€). 

Not only that, but as an “Early Bird Member” you will also get instant access to the introductory lessons and a bonus class!

So, if this sounds tempting check out the link where you can find out more about Wanderlust and the other teachers who will inspire you through the whole of 2019.

 To get your 30% discount use code EARLY30 at the checkout!!

Blessings, ♥︎ Danielle

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How to Draw a Profile Portrait

Over the next 4 weeks, I will share my tips for how to draw faces in profile.  Drawing faces in profile can be really tricky so I've come up with a few mini-tutorials to help you break down each feature so you're not stuck drawing faces in front view all the time.


Here's how it will go:

  • Week 1: Noses (August 13th)
  • Week 2: Lips (August 20th)
  • Week 3: Eyes/Placement (August 27th)
  • Week 4: Drawing the Face (Sept 3rd)

Share your weekly progress in our FB group!

Sign-up here to get the 1st lesson!

Weekly bonus lessons start at $5 a month over on Patreon!

Comment below if you want be able to draw a profile portriat from your imagination!