Day 6 | Bonus: Portrait Lesson

I wanted to include a bonus lesson for this challenge.

Today, we are going to create a full portrait with all of the tips we learned from this past week.  This lesson is from my new Ebook: How to Draw Faces Workbook 2.0.  If you need more guidance with drawing faces my new course has over 4 weeks of printables and video lessons just for you!

See today's demo...

You made it!  I hope that you no longer have to guess about feature placement or wonder about shading.  Continue creating and drawing each week!

Thanks again for joining this challenge!  I can't wait to see your work.  Remember that your work is unique and your path might not be easy but it's totally worth it!  Try to have fun along the way.

See you soon for next month's lesson!

♥︎ Blessings, Danielle