Welcome to Our August Challenge


This month we will focus on the drawing the face in profile.  When I wanted to draw the face in side view I saw that I was struggling with the features.  So, we will break down each feature over the next few weeks to nail down our drawing routine.

When you are learning to draw something new make sure you keep an open mind and don't give up! ★

Reference photos

Now it your turn!  Here's your challenge if you choose to accept!

✓ Draw 4 noses facing the left side and 4 noses facing the right side.

Looking forward to seeing your pages in our Facebook Group. ♥︎ Danielle

Bonus Lesson

Grab part 2 of the challenge over on my Patreon.  Lessons start at $5 per month. 


Our next lesson will cover the eyes and mouth so see you back soon!