Welcome to Our July Lesson

The theme for July is Different & Beautiful.  I chose this theme because I feel that it's important to embrace our uniqueness and express that with our artwork.

I would like for you to explore your own style and faces you enjoy drawing. ♥︎

IMG_7751 (1).jpg

We will be doing a collage style sketchbook page.  This is a great way for you to fill up your page an not over think it!

A few tips:

▻ If you are short on time you can make your faces larger or work on a smaller sheet of paper.  (I was getting a little tired by the 7th face, but it pays off trust me!) 

▻ If you don't feel comfortable drawing in 3/4 view just yet you can stick to frontal view.  But I would like for you to try at least one face in 3/4 to get some practice in.

▻ You can use different shapes or marks to fill in the space between the faces.

Have fun!  If you don't know how to draw faces please go to the 5-day face drawing challenge to learn - it was our lesson from April so you can scroll down the page as well.

Looking forward to seeing your pages in our Facebook Group. ♥︎ Danielle

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