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Free art journal lesson

My mission for 2019 is to learn to draw the body. I’ve taken lots of time to learn to draw and paint the face but the form is still tough for me.

In this lesson, I’m sharing my shortcut for adding the figure to your art journal even if you can’t draw the body just yet. This is a free lesson over on my Patreon Page, check it out!


Art Journal Prompt Cards

Download these 20 art journaling cards to help you create new and unique pages in your sketchbook. All you have to do is download the workbook, print the 3rd page, cut out the cards and start creating.


Access Free Drawing Lessons

Drawing the face can be frustrating when you are first starting out or if you haven’t drawn in a while.

The Art Nest is a library of free videos designed to help you build your confidence with drawing the face. There is even a challenge there too!


Learn to Paint Brown Skin Tones

Painting brown skin can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to lighten and darken the paint and keep it still looking warm and chocolatey. 🍪

This video lesson will show you my process of painting brown skin. I share what my fav supplies are and how I add multiple layers to allow the face to come to life. This lesson and many others are currently available on my Patreon page for $5 monthly.

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