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Thank you for joining the How to Draw Faces Workshop, I'm glad you're here!  We are going to dive deep into drawing the face and kick self-doubt out the door!  The very first think we will do is establish feature placement.  By the end of this workshop you will be creating faces with confidence.  You got this!


All you need is a pencil (I use a 2b pencil), eraser and a sketchbook!

Creating a Drawing Routine

Keep in mind that you don't have to complete this workshop in one day (I recommend you take your time and pace yourself).  There are enough lessons for you to schedule a drawing session 2 times a week for the next 4 weeks.  It may not take you that long but that's an option if you would like.

I would also like to invite you to take the 5-Day Face Drawing Challenge which goes hand and hand with this workshop.  There you will learn how to draw small sketches everyday and fill your sketchbook on a regular basis.  Sign-up here.

Where do the features go?

Print your worksheets and follow along as we breakdown each feature and where it goes on the face!

How to do Shading

Using the same worksheets from our placement studies we will practice shading.  This video may seem familiar because it's from the 5 - Day Face Drawing Challenge but I wanted to include it here for anyone who needs the practice.

Click to download photos.

How to Draw the Eyes

The eyes can be super tricky to get right.  I will show you my number 1# tool to help make the process easier.  Download all the feature worksheets below.

Click on photos to download.

How to Draw the Nose

The nose can be one of the hardest features to work with.  We will go over a few simple ways to create tons of different noses with the same drawing process.

There are four studies for this section.  The first sketch is from memory and the rest are from the references here.  Click the photo to download.

How to Draw the Lips

The lips can really help your character express herself.  Let's explore how we can make this feature shine.  Click each photo to download.  Have fun!

How to Draw Hair

We've arrived at one of my favorite features to draw, the hair!  Let's have some fun creating a few hair styles you can use right away.  Click the photo to download.

Portrait Study | Curly Girl

Here is our first full feature portrait.  Grab the download and let's put everything we've learned into practice!  Click the photo to download.

Portrait Study | Garden Girl

Our next face is just as fun as the first, let's go!

Thank you!

I appreciate you inviting me into your studio!  I hope these lesson have served you well. Until next time friend!

Blessings -Danielle