Course Overview:

How to Draw Faces Workbook is a self-paced ebook designed to help you draw the face step-by-step starting with the features first.

The process is broken down into small videos to help you practice and understand how the face comes together.

Each worksheet has it’s own in depth video lesson. You will be provided with a printable workbook which has 4-weeks of drawing practice sheets. You also have the option to fill up your sketchbook as well.

Drawing is an exercise for a restless imagination.
— Tim Burton

I believe that drawing not only gets your ideas into the world but it also creates more inspiration. One sketch can turn into a book illustration, painting, or design.

This course includes…

  • 1 - printable workbook - with areas to sketch along with me.

  • 6 - foundational videos where we explore each feature.

  • 2 - bonus full length videos portrait videos

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Who is this course for? Beginner and intermediate artists. We will dive deep into proportions as this is a big area of concern for a lot of artists.

Why is this course different? As a woman of color, I have included tutorials to help you draw faces of black women and a variety of backgrounds. 

Danielle’s instructions are clear and easy to follow. Her drawing is so lovely, and she makes it accessible to anyone who takes the time and care to practice her lessons.
— Holofernia

Video Course Outline

★ Class Sections:

  1. Feature Placement

  2. Shading

  3. Drawing the Eyes

  4. Drawing the Nose

  5. Drawing the Lips

  6. Drawing Hair

★ Bonus Real-time Video Lessons:

  1. Curly Girl Portrait

  2. Garden Girl Portrait

★ 3 + hours of step-by-step video instruction

You can break down the lessons into 7 days or take as long as 4 weeks. Learn at your own pace.

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$60 USD

Register Today to Start Drawing | Lifetime Access | Self-Paced

Easy to understand workbook. I love that there’s lessons on how to draw bigger and wider features on the face. It helps to learn how to draw a variety of faces instead of sticking with the same looks all the time!
— Krystal

Download a sample of the workbook here…


About me (your instructor)


My name is Danielle Mack and I live and work in the Savannah, GA area. I love drawing faces and have fun coming up with new and different people to create.

Once you have the basics down, there is nothing that can stop you.

For a long time, I didn’t think my drawings were good enough but the longer I drew the more confidence I had in myself.

I hope the same for you!

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Blessings 🖤 Danielle