Let's draw together!

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Hello art friend! Join The Art Nest for a free full-length lessons each month.  These lessons are created to help you grow as an artist and develep confidence in your unique style!  I will also share coupon codes, behind the scenes, art vlogs and more! 

The Nest Offers:

★ Simple step-by-step tips for drawing the face.

★ A new real-time video delivered to your inbox each month.

★ A chance to request lessons to fit your needs.

Join the 5 - Day Face Drawing Challenge


I've put together a 5 - Day Face Drawing Challenge to help you with proportions, shading, features and daily practice

☆ After day 1 is over, you will know how to set up the proportions of the face (no more guessing).  Day 2, we go into shading and I will show you why it's so powerful.  The rest of the week we break down the features one by one and you will have assignments for the future.  Last day, we do a full face.

I know that drawing the face can be tricky because there are so many moving parts but if you break it down it's easier to process.

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Each day you will get a bite-sized video lesson from me.  At the end we will create a full portrait using all the tips we've learned through out the week!  ♥︎ Danielle

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