[TUTORIAL] Watercolor Art Journal Page | Letting Go...

This journal page represents my letting go of what I think my art should be. I get creative blocks when I try to make my art into something it's not. 

I waste time and energy comparing myself to other artists instead of owning my own talents.

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This page is piggy-backing off of last months Spring Watercolor Challenge.  I told you I would show you ways to expand on those cards and here is the first example.  Think about what a nest symbolizes to you and incorporate that into your artwork.

For me, the empty nest represents the release of negative thoughts and emotions - while the birds carry out the message of creative freedom.

Letting go...


While you are working on this page write down 3 specific ways you can make your art journey better.  Here are mine...

  1. Limit time on social media (looking at other art) if I'm having a hard time being creative.

  2. Don't be too hard on myself if I try something new and it doesn't work (it's taken me about a full year plus to get better at painting and drawing faces - one time isn't enough).

  3. See my ideas through to completion and don't give up early.  I start so many projects it's crazy.  I'm making a conscious effort to slow down - quality over quantity.

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