New Class - Painterly Watercolor Faces (Giveaway Closed)

Hello Friends,

I'm here with a online new class: Painterly Watercolor Faces!  This mixed media class is designed to guide you through the watercolor process and teach you how to use simple figurative storytelling in your own work.

Do you have a hard time controlling your watercolors?  Do your colors run together and turn into a big blob?  And what about skin tones - how do you choose the right colors?  How should you layer the colors?  

I touch on all of these issues (and more) in this 4 lesson course - to help you overcome your hurdles and paint with confidence!  

Watercolors used to stress me out because it's a big change coming from acrylics and oils.  The paint seems wild and unforgiving.  But, I will be sharing with you how to make watercolors work for you with your unique style.

Your paintings don't have to look anything like mine.  All you have to do is bring your creative courage and follow along with me.  The more you practice the better you become.

Some of the things we will cover:

  • Learn to create in a painterly style
  • Tips on when it's time to add a new layer
  • Avoiding muddy/blobby colors
  • Use color and value to contour the face
  • Paint hair in such a way to let the watercolors work it's magic
  • Create soft and dreamy portraits with simple supplies
  • Strengthen and simplify your face drawing skills
  • Have fun with your creativity

More Class Details:

  • The course consists of 4 video lessons
  • Lessons are self-guided (go at your own pace)
  • Class will be held here on my site - once purchased you will receive a password to the classroom


The early bird pricing of $60 starts today and ends on September 2, 1017!  After the sale ends the class will be $75.  

If you joined my waitlist before the class started you will receive a coupon code for extended early bird pricing!


How to enter:

  1. Share this class/blog post on the social media platform of your choice.
  2. Leave me a comment below sharing your favorite mixed media product! (Mine are mermaid markers - which we will use in the class!)

I will choose a winner on Tuesday 8/22, midnight CST.

golden dreams 3.jpg

Super quick sneak peek!