New 30 Day Painting Challenge + What's Up in July?

  1. I'm happy to announce a new daily painting challenge for July!  I will start painting July 1st but feel free to start anytime.  This is just like the challenge I did back in 2014 where I painted in my art journal for 30 days!  It really helped me grow as an artist.  Grab a copy and join in.  Pin it and Download here for free!
  2. I will be moving to a new city!  Right now we are packing like crazy.  I'm trying to purge and let go of what I haven't touched in a year but it's hard because I'm that girl who's like oh maybe I'll use this scrap of paper one day?!?  We will still be in Georgia but in a bigger city.  I'm looking forward to it and will keep you updated.
  3. I will be releasing How to Paint Brown Skin Tones: Acrylics Class in July.  I announced earlier this year and the fear of perfection has held me back from accomplishing my goal.  Right now it is being edited and I can't wait to share it with you! 
  4. After I'm settled in my new place I will finish filming videos for my How to Draw Faces Workbook!  I plan to do at least 5-6 faces based on the workbook with a few fun ones added in!  

What are you up to in July?