My Daily 10 Minute Sketchbook

My goal is to do a quick 10-min sketch everyday but it's not always possible.  This process is inspired by Kesh over on Youtube.  I've learned that if I write it down on my to-do list, it's more likely to get done.  I have early morning, late night, and 3am sketching sessions.

I'm hoping to breathe more life into the faces I create.  They need more shadows, facial expressions, costumes, jewelry, and some type of job or purpose.

Each day is different, sometimes I can get a sketch done in 10 minutes and other times I struggle for 30 minutes.  I use this sketchbook and a col-erase pencil.


One way I'm doing that is with fan art as well as drawing faces from different age groups and backgrounds.

In the past, I've stayed within a sort of comfort zone.  But now I'm ready to break out of that and push myself into new territory.


One thing I do know is that this direction feels good.  Because I'm looking at the photo I don't have to guess or make up details as I go along.  I hope that is builds up my memory box for when I need to create new faces in the future.

I will have another update at the end of the month!

If you would like to sketch along with me please enjoy this free flower girl drawing lesson!

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