Mermaid Monday IG Posts | Feb 2018

Good Morning & Happy March,

At the beginning of February, I started sharing mermaid sketches each Monday over on Instagram.  Mermaids are something I want to get better at so I take about 15-20 mins each week to get my ideas out.

If you would like to learn to draw faces you can click here to join my free monthly face drawing group!  I would love to see you there!

Most of my sketches are done with col-erase pencils and color pencils.

Feb 5th

Feb 12th

Feb 26th

I'm also working on a larger mermaid painting.  I am making good progress so far but I need to give myself a due date so it doesn't end up in the unfinished pile...

More progress...

I covered up the lotus for now but plan to add it back in once the background is finished.  I post most of my day-to-day artwork on Instagram and you can find me here.

Blessings, Danielle