1 Stamp | 6 Ways: Art Journaling 101

Hello, this is my first post for a new Art Journaling for Beginners series I'm doing here on the blog.  The biggest issues seem to be where do I start, what do I buy, and how to get it done.  I will address these concerns over the next few months and hope that it gives you the creative push you need.

Today, we will focus on what to use and how to stretch it.  I have to admit, I have a lot of art supplies.  I would rather spend money on art supplies then clothes any day.  But, over the years I've learned that you don't need much to create good, fulfilling art.


I will take you through 3 tutorials and 3 additional sample pages using only one stamp.  I had fun with this challenge and hope you can join me.

I've created an in depth E-Book to help you recreate pages like these on your own.

Here are the tutorials for the first 3 pages...

Page #1

art journal 1.jpg

This first page was like an ice breaker.  If you haven't art journaled in a while make sure you have a page where you can just get messy.  Don't worry about the outcome. 

It's like when you warm up before exercising.  You will get to loosen up your creative joints and build up momentum to create more pages.

Choose a color palette for each page or series of pages.

Picking a color palette before hand can help you avoid muddy pages and allow you to get on with the page.

You don't have to use every color but this step has definitely helped my creative process overall.

Supplies: Tissue paper, Art Journal, distress crayon tumbled glass, Hero Arts  Flower Stamp, flesh tint, violet,ultramarine Gouache, Matte Medium, Water-proof ink, white acrylic paint.

Page #2

pink florals (1).jpg

This page is simple.  I wanted to create a bed of flowers but with an abstract twist.  The colors are soft and the background doesn't have a ton of detail.

Paint or color the stamp to create depth.

You can use color pencils or copics to make your image come alive.  You don't even have to stay in the lines.  Another option is to stamp on pattered paper and collage the images.  

Supplies: Sky blue acrylic paint, extra black pencil, Persian rose, crimson/ black gouache, Faber-castell pitt pen for journaling

Page #3

blue florals.jpg

On this page, I changed up the medium from ink to embossing powder.  The dark background really lets the white powder stand out.  This too is a pretty simple page.  I journaled along the left side to balance out the flowers.

You can see how the color palette and inspiration photo helped me look at the stamp in another way.  The light pink flower stands out nicely in front of the grayish blue background.

Supplies: Heat tool, distress ink for embossing, ultramarine blue acrylic paint, black gouache, white embossing powder

Page #4

blue 2.jpg

The next three pages are what happened when I stopped recording.  The ideas kept flowing.  Some of the pages were done at 2 and 3 am because I wanted to keep pushing to see what else I could come up with.

Use a previous page to piggy back on.  Grab a color or background and remix it.

Here, I simplified my previous page just to see what it would like like with smaller journaling and one embossed flower.  I like this one a bit better than the first.  This is also why it's good to keep pages that are kinda ok - you never know how they can inspire new work.

Grab the free art journaling guide book here...

*Same supplies as the last page!  Winning!

Page #5

on my mind.jpg

By the time I got to this page I was itching to draw.  I started with the eyes added layers around it.  You can see that cutting the flowers in half almost changes them completly. 

Think about how you can alter your stamped image to change up the look.

At this point you can see how different shades of blue run through out this series of pages.  I just like blue.  Don't over think this process.  Choose colors, images and detail you enjoy.

If you need help drawing eyes click here.

Supplies: ultramarine blue, black gouache, paper scraps, washi tape

Page #6

free spirit 2 (1).jpg

This last page is unfinished.  I plan to go in and add a few more details.  At this point I could probably squeeze out a few more pages, I felt like I was on a roll.  You can see the different between the first page and this one.  Same materials different outcome.

The supplies I used are pretty much the same as the previous page I just arranged the elements diffently.

Now it's your turn.  Create 6 pages with 1 stamp.  Any style will work with this challenge.  I would love to see your pages over in the FB group!

Don't forget to download the Ebook for more art journaling tips.