6 Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook + Printables

Today, I’ll be sharing 6 ways you can fill your sketchbook and art journal. Coming up with how to fill a blank page can be hard sometimes. Here are a few ways to get creative today…

  1. eye studies

  2. tiny faces

  3. insert page (download)

  4. collage

  5. character creation

  6. playing with prompts (download)

If you would like the butterfly insert page, I offer it over on my Patreon under the $1 per month tier. Click here to check it out…

I’ve created some prompt cards you can use in your sketchbook or art journal to help you fill those empty pages.

Download the prompts…

20 mini-prompt cards to help your creative process.

If you use these prompts please tag me on IG or FB so we can see!

♥︎ Danielle