5 Reasons to Try The Artist's Loft Watercolor Markers - Swatch & Demo

Hello!  Welcome back to another Mixed Media Monday....well Tuesday.  I'm a little late with this post but it's okay because I have something fun to share.

Today, I wanted to talk about the watercolor markers I picked up from Michaels.  They are by the Artist's Loft and run $14.99 (I used a 50% coupon).  I'm not sure if they are new but I don't remember seeing them there before. After playing around with them here are a few reasons why you should give them a shot...

1.  They are dual tip markers.  One side is a brush tip and the other side is a bullet tip.  I prefer the brush tip but if you are working on details the bullet tip will come in handy.

2.  Nice variety of colors.  You get 2 yellows, 2 reds, 2 greens, 2 blues, 2 browns, a black and orange.  Plus you can mix the colors and get a ton of custom colors.

3.  They play nice with other water based media.  I tried these with my watercolors and they worked great.  I used a permanent pen to do line work over it and there was no bleeding.  

4.  They are blendable and buildable.  In my swatch, you can see that not all of the colors blend out completely with water.  For example, with the dark blue you can still see the marker lines after water is applied.  But, after that is dry you can go back and add another layer to blend and build on top of the first.

5.  Great for on-the-go.  All you need is a water brush and sketchbook and your field kit I pretty much done.  I haven't had a chance to take them out but it was hard to put them down when I started painting.


Cross contamination: be careful when you use a lighter marker next to a darker one because it will bleed into the tip of the lighter marker.

Vibrancy:  Some of the colors swatch like a highlighter.  If you need muted colors you will have to test and mix them before you start on a finished piece.  (On the flip side - the colors dry nice and bright unlike other watercolors I've used.) 

Thanks so much for stopping by - what are your thoughts about markers vs. tubes?  I'd like to hear from you!

I just wanted to drop a little reminder that there is still time to sign-up for the early bird price for my new up-coming online course!

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Click the image to find out how you can win a free spot & learn more!