How to Draw Full Lips | Drawing Lips for WOC

How to Draw Full Lips is a mini-class I put together for anyone who struggles with drawing lips. You will learn how to capture the curves of the lips so that you can add later to any face drawing.

If you like drawing the face but struggle with drawing fuller lips or lips for WOC then this lesson is for you! In this micro-class, you will get one video lesson with three different examples.

We will also cover…

  1. A super simple way to set up the lips to get drawing right away.

  2. How to play with shading and have fun with your style.

  3. What to do if your sketch starts to fall apart. You can always get back on track!

This class is available immediately to all of my Patrons in the $5 tier but if you would like to buy the class alone, you can purchase the video mini lesson right here.

P.S. The lesson is short and sweet so if you don’t have a lot of time it’s perfect for you! See you in class!

❤︎ Danielle

🍁 Autumn in the Studio | Paint With Me Video

I’m trying to keep up with this Inktober thing, work full-time and have time for my artwork.

I like fall because it seems to slow things down for me. I bought this metallic leaf print scarf and hope I actually get to wear it.

I painted a fall girl with pumpkin earrings and recorded it for you. I thought they were so freakin cute!

It’s a private video over on Patreon, so go check it out.

This painting is inspired by my older sister, Dana. She’s that sister that has to put no effort into her outfits and still manages to look amazing.

Are you having trouble with your watercolor paintings? I can show you how to push through a “bad painting” and keep going.

Dont’ worry about rules or making it look perfect - cause all you have to do is paint.

Let me know how you are doing. I know you’re busy but drop me a comment below and tell me about your day.

Later ☆ Danielle