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The Art Nest is a safe place to learn and grow.  If you need help drawing faces for your art journal, watercolor paintings or mixed media projects then you are in the right place!

Each month I will add a new free lesson based on your requests and feedback.  I just figured it would be easier to keep them all in one place.  So, you can call this your creative nest - I hope to help you spread your wings!  It's corny but fit's the theme lol! 

Consistent practice is the biggest thing that has helped me improve my drawings.  I want to encourage you to make time for drawing and sketching so you can grow and become more confident.

I'm open for any suggestions for next months class.  Scroll down, enjoy the latest lesson and let me know how I can help!

Welcome to Our March Lesson


In this month's lesson, we will learn how to add movement to our drawings.  You can use this technique with any face.  I like to draw the face out completely and then add movement with the hair.  You could also use a scarf or piece of clothing to get the same result.

Adding movement can help you tell a story about your portrait and makes her more alluring.  If you are new to The Art Nest, thanks for joining us!  Feel free to take the previous lessons and contact me if you have any questions or requests.

Supplies: Col-erase pencil in Blue and a simple sketchbook.  Please use whatever you have on hand.

I need your thoughts - would you benefit from a Facebook group?  The initial lessons would stay here on the site but I would post mid-month challenges and live videos over on FB. 

If you are not on FB I will post all bonus videos here too of course but this might give is a chance to communicate better and we can all share our work with one another.  I've created a poll here so please let me know! 

Would you benefit from a Facebook Group?
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On to the lesson...

Thanks for joining me in this lesson!  I will be back in a week or so for our first mid-month drawing challenge.

Side note: All drawing classes are 20% off until March 15th!  Join today! β™₯︎


Welcome to our February Lesson

ACS_0025 (1).JPG

I hope you enjoyed last months class (scroll down to check it out).  I have another step-by-step class just for you.  I want to encourage you to put your own spin on this drawing and share it on your social media.  Please tag me here on Instagram and here on Facebook so I can share in your progress.

Let's get started...all you need is a pencil and sketchbook.  I'm using a col-erase pencil in brown and a sketchbook with smooth paper.

How did you do?  Did you run into any problems?  Let me know - I'm here to help.  If you would like to share this lesson with a friend please copy and paste this link http://bit.ly/2oAZwlk.



January Lesson: Flower Girl Tutorial


flower girl (1).jpg

For our very first lesson of the year, we will focus on drawing the face and getting it ready for watercolor.  I will take you through this drawing from start to finish.  You can keep her as a drawing or add paint.  I put together a time lapse of the painting portion so you can get an idea of how she turned into a painting!


Here are some reference photos I like to use in my sketchbook.  Pinterest is my best friend for inspiration!

Here is what she looks like after my painting session.

Want to keep drawing or need a watercolor lesson?

Today's freebie is over but you can keep drawing and painting along with me.  Here are a few classes you should check out!

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