[TUTORIAL] Watercolor Art Journal Page | Letting Go...

This journal page represents my letting go of what I think my art should be. I get creative blocks when I try to make my art into something it's not. 

I waste time and energy comparing myself to other artists instead of owning my own talents.

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This page is piggy-backing off of last months Spring Watercolor Challenge.  I told you I would show you ways to expand on those cards and here is the first example.  Think about what a nest symbolizes to you and incorporate that into your artwork.

For me, the empty nest represents the release of negative thoughts and emotions - while the birds carry out the message of creative freedom.

Letting go...


While you are working on this page write down 3 specific ways you can make your art journey better.  Here are mine...

  1. Limit time on social media (looking at other art) if I'm having a hard time being creative.

  2. Don't be too hard on myself if I try something new and it doesn't work (it's taken me about a full year plus to get better at painting and drawing faces - one time isn't enough).

  3. See my ideas through to completion and don't give up early.  I start so many projects it's crazy.  I'm making a conscious effort to slow down - quality over quantity.

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What do you do when your artwork isn't turning out the way you want?  Let me know!  

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Weekend Travels | Savannah in Spring

Yesterday, we took a trip down to Savannah, GA for the SCAD Sidewalk Festival at Forsyth Park.  The artwork was amazing!  The park was filled with so much life and creativity.  We saw artwork from the undergraduate, graduate, alumni and high school students.  SCAD is a diverse school and you can see that in the students work.

It seems like there is always something going on in Savannah so we try to stay on top of events.  It's already pretty hot down there so if you plan a trip be sure to check the weather.  

I wasn't able to get a program with the names of the artists because it was so crazy and we didn't even see all the work because we got hungry and left. What we did see was so inspiring and people were happy and dancing to live music.  It was a nice way to forget about my long week and relax.

If you ever visit and need a lunch spot stop by Goose Feathers.  I get the chicken bacon mushroom melt sandwich.  SOOO GOOD!  (Also check their hours because they only serve breakfast and lunch).  This festival is definitely something we will try to visit again.  Savannah has so much to do and see.  I hope you had a great weekend.  Please share if you've been to Savannah, I'd love to hear.