Day 6: Bonus Lesson | Spring Watercolor Card Challenge

I know most of you are still working through the challenge but I want to say thank you!  I hope this challenge has inspired you to paint more even if it's just small steps.

The challenge will continue to stay open here on my blog.  In a few days, I will be back to show you how to build upon the ideas we created during the challenge.

In the meantime, be sure to click below and let me know what you want our next challenge to be!

Here is a sneak peek of on bonus lesson for Day-6 of the challenge.  

Day 5: 5-Day Spring Watercolor Card Challenge | Mushroom Trio

Welcome to Day 5 - you are almost to the finish line!  This is one of my favorite paintings of the week.  Mushrooms are magical to me - when I see them in person they automatically remind me of fairies.  It's like they belong to a different world.

I know they typically grow in Autumn but I wanted to include them for Spring because for some reason they remind me of new growth.

Prima Tropicals Watercolors..
Strathmore Watercolor Cards...
#14 watercolor brush, #8 watercolor brush, #5 watercolor brush
Any watercolor pencils of your choosing.  

Enjoy the lesson...

Since upgrading my watercolors I've noticed the colors are more vibrant and I'm able to reach deeper colors without the chalky finish.  

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